2014 Reunion Number 12

At every reunion someone asks 'where is ???' I explained all the steps I have taken to try to locate the one they all want to meet again, and assured them I was still looking. Coming home from Luton Airport on a train with my family, I heard a lady say she had missed her onward conection to Melton Mowbray and we struck up a conversation about the Red Bike Boys and the missing lad from Melton who had moved away. She said, she and her partner were from the same village and gave me a card with her contact E mail address with a request to send a message with his name to her. Two days later the word had gone out and a contact mobile number had come back, success. One lost messenger located with a promise to come to the next reunion. Now all I have to do is to survive till 2016 to make it come right for the boys from the 1960's, don't know if I can pull it off again? but here's hoping. Mike Petty T901


2014 Reunion

Some of the usual lads were not around this time, some are unable to get around as they are not as agile as they were in 2012 but when searching for missing friends I did catch up with 3, one in Scotland who was unable to travel at the last minute. Stan Coley who reminded me on the night it was 30 years since we last met and Eric Georg who was unable to come this time from his home in Bodmin. Who would you like to see again? Please let me know addresses so I can find them, there are over 230 on the list but are they the right ones? E mail me or write please, with your help maybe I can fid them. Mike Petty T901


2014 Reunion Number 12

Photos for this reunion held on the 5th April 2014 are now in the photo archive. Mike Petty T901


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